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Closed-cell foam is a very effective type of insulation because it expands to fill gaps when applied. It can increase the effectiveness of air conditioning and heating systems because it has the ability to create an airtight and weather resistant bond, it can seal drafts. If you use this type of insulation, your home will be energy sufficient, maintaining the ideal temperature. High-density foam stands out due to its great quality. It can be used in several different applications, such as in basement walls, roofs, exterior cavities, crawl spaces and several plumbing and electrical uses.

  The closed-cell  is a class 2 vapor barrier and does not absorb water. This feature prevents mold and mildew from taking hold in the assemblies.  Also, close-cell foam insulation is not a food source for insects of vermin.  Old wood structures can achieve todays building code requirements without changing a frame.


Enjoy more privacy and quiet using open-cell spray foam, a low density foam meant for use in interior walls and between floors that allows enough absorption to provide sound attenuation in a variety of applications.  Low density, open-cell foam is the ideal solution for home theater and media rooms, playrooms and home offices or to block sound from plumbing.  It is also an excellent choice for any buildings that feature shared walls such as apartments, condos and commercial spaces. 

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